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About Agnes


I am insatiably curious, and I choose to see the world in terms of logic and connection. Growing up, I spent my formative years studying at Philippine Science High School - Main Campus, the premier science high school in the Philippines, and studying Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering student at Princeton University where I focus on intelligent systems and numerical combustion. On top of my studies, I devote much of my time to scientific research. My strengths lie in all kinds of computational analyses and simulations, but I am consciously expanding my skillset across all areas of science and engineering. 

A special passion of mine is transportation. My younger self did not have Mickey Mouse on my backpack; instead, I had Shinkansen trains. I dream of learning the front-to-back end of transportation: from urban planning and the transportation logistics industry (what I consider as the front-end) to research that pushes the bounds of today's methods of propulsion and power (what I consider as the back-end). Feel free to contact me if you are also excited about dark matter propulsion, nuclear power, road intersections, the shipping industry, or if you want to learn more about me and my work! 

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