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Work Experiences

Work Experiences: Text

Part-Time Data Scientist for Ethi as a Menon Fellow at Menon Labs

remote (Nov 2020 - Aug 2021)

Through the Menon Labs Program, I was teamed with 5 other Menon Fellows from all over the world. The six of us took on different roles and worked together on a project targeted at looking into how Facebook data can predict our mental state. My role in the project was as a Data Scientist. Our team collaborated together on every step of the process, from ideation to producing a working full-stack solution. The project, entitled Tie Strength & Well-Being, recognizes that an individual's mental well-being is significantly influenced by tie strengths (i.e., how strong our ties are with family, friends, and acquaintances). Thus, the project sought to use data from a Facebook user's data to derive predictions and analyses of their tie strengths.

The final project was evaluated by Ethi, a personal data startup that sheds light on the personal digital data that companies collect about us. Our project was chosen for our category to present in a Demo Day. We were later selected by Ethi as the winner across categories and have the opportunity to integrate our project into their existing platform. 

5 members of my team continued to work with Ethi for 5 months after the Menon fellowship. We built features in the Ethi product that analyzes specific emotion trends of a user over time based on their chat messages and designed a metric that calculates complex emotions from a user’s measured primary emotions. We also worked with the company's founders to ideate a user-personalized dashboard aimed at providing a comprehensive view of a user’s online presence, digital hygiene, and mental health awareness.

Please check out the profiles/portfolios of my teammates! They are: Jennifer Liu (Project Manager), Janice Ng (Research Lead), Ilana Pelzman-Kern (Frontend Developer), Claudea Jennefer (Data Scientist), and Harini Ramprasad (Data Scientist)

Skills: 3 Sentiment Analysis methods (IBM Watson Tone Analyzer, Empath, VADER Analysis), JuPyter Lab, Python (packages numpy, pandas, etc.)

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Junior Data Engineer at
Previously, Data Science and Software Engineering Intern

Manila, Philippines (Aug 2020 - current)

Mentor: Albert Dizon makes commuting easier by collecting data on informal and formal transit routes in and around Metro Manila and presenting these in their app and website. I spent 3 months as a Data Science and Software Engineering Intern at For the first two months of my internship, I worked on the Data Science team of the company. After learning data science in my first 2 weeks on the job, I built 2 full-stack data analytics tools for the company. One of which was used to conduct a full ground-transport analysis of the Mega Manila transportation system Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program implementation. The results of this study are published as a blog post on the company website. The link to the post can be found below. 

After my three-month internship, I was evaluated and promoted to a full-time role as a Junior Data Engineer in which I served for 7 months. In this role, I had a more involved role in building more full-stack data analytic tools, mapping new transit routes, and adding features and improvements to the company’s internal front-end and back-end tools.

Programming Skills: Python (packages numpy, matplotlib, re, psycopg2, Levenshtein, etc.), PostgreSQL, PostGIS, QGIS, OpenStreetMap, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ES6, ReactJS, REST API, Docker, Git, assembly languages

Technical Skills: Data science and analytics, Geostatistics

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Immersion Program Participant at Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. 

Batangas, Philippines (Aug 2019)

During the summer of 2019, I expanded my knowledge on the design and assembly of motorcycles (more on that below!) in a 2-week program with Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. Through the experience, I was able to learn about the day-to-day work in mass-manufacturing and the future of the motorcycle industry in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and the rest of the world.  I was also able to disassemble and reassemble an entire motorcycle and practice motorcycle mechanic service as shown in one of the pictures above.

Skills: industrial manufacturing; motorcycle cleaning and maintenance; modern engine parts, cleaning, and maintenance; machine shop practice; current motorcycle innovations and features

Work Experiences: Video
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